Custers: From Horses to Jet Fighters

Did you know how many descendants of Custer family served in the US Army since death of theirs famous ancestor?
Well, I’ve dig some books and websites of some American genealogical societies and want to share what I found.
First of all – if you hate GAC and the whole thing about him, stop┬áthe reading, please. It’s a simple story about simple and not-so-distinguished men who served in the military, bearing the name of the man who with almost every male member of the family rode into the Valley of Death to fight his last battle. No one of Custers fled, unlike his batallion commanders. It should counts for something.
As you know George A. Custer had three brothers who survived childhood (another two died as babies) – Boston, Thomas and Nevin.
Although he was married George never had any children (because of gonorrhoea he contracted during his Point years). Boston and Tom never been married. It fell to Nevin, youngest of Custer’s lineage to continue the family tree. And that he did. He left a son, named James Calhoun Custer who in his turn brings the Custer family into a new century.
About these men I want to tell.
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